GHD Curls made easy in our Galway Salon!

If you’re looking for a way to add a bit of bounce, volume and shine to the hair then why not go curly? GHD Curls are the ultimate way to transform your hair from looking drab to fab in a matter of moments. Whether you’re wearing your hair down or in an extravagant up-do, the GHD perfect curls are the finishing touch to the look. Why not come to our Galway Salon! We caught up with Zoe Irwin, the GHD Creative Director, to find out how to achieve the perfect curls.

STEP 1 Apply GHD Style Total Volume Foam throughout for flexible hold and satin-finish. Then, using a GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush, take each section and blow-dry the hair with the GHD air hairdryer, wrapping the hair around the bristle brush for volume and sealing with the cool-shot to smooth.

STEP 2 Section the hair and mist with GHD Style Curl Hold Spray to prep the hair before curling. This will limit the heat damage from the styling tool and help to protect hair from drying out and frizzing.

 STEP 3 Start to twist the hair anti-clockwise while wrapping around your fingers clockwise to create the desired wave, making sure to twist hair away from the face on both sides of the head.

STEP 4 Release the twisted hair into a pin curl then gently- without squeezing too lightly- apply heat with the GHD Gold Classic styling wand for 6-8 seconds. Continue this technique around the head.

STEP 5 Keeping control of the section, pin the hair against the scalp to cool down and set.

STEP 6 After letting the pin curls set, begin letting them down from the back lower sections, giving each a gentle backcomb at the root and gently twisting them in the opposite direction to release into a beautiful wave.

For information on our 1 day Foundation Upstyle & GHD course call 091-846839 /

To make an appointment for GHD Curls, please call CHC on 091-563932

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Blow drying Techniques Course

Blow drying Techniques Course

Looking to Learn or Improve different Blow drying techniques?! Why not attend our 2 day blow drying course!!

Suitable for an apprentice or beginner who wants to learn the basics of Blow drying Techniques

Date:       Tuesday 22nd April & Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Duration:                 2 days

Time:                        11am – 5:30pm

Location:                  Galway

Cost:                         €140.00

 Course content overview:

Long Blow drying

Short Blow drying

Twisty Blow dry

Curly Blow dry

 Certificate – College of Hairdressing, Connaught

For Enrolments & Enquiries phone 091-846839 /



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FETAC Level 5 Major & Minor Awards in Hairdressing

The College of Hairdressing, Connaught is the only privately run FETAC Registered Centre for Hairdressing in Ireland – this ensures quality systems are in place & training programmes are validated. Also applicable to government funding.We are delighted to announce are new dates for our FETAC Major & Minor Hairdressing Awards at Levels 4,5 & 6.

9 Month FETAC Level 5 Major Hairdressing Award

Starts 8th April 2014

Modules Covered:
  • Hairdressing Theory & Practice
  • Hairdressing Science
  • Safety & Health at Work
  • Work Experience
  • Communications
  • Teamworking
  • Customer Service

For all information on this course click here -

The College of Hairdressing Connaught is conveniently located in Galway City – 11 doors from the bus & railways stations.

For enquires & enrolments call 091-846839 or email

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Confidence Building Course Hairdressing

Confidence Building Course Hairdressing

Suitable for a 2nd or 3rd year apprentice looking to build up their technique & skills with regards to Cutting, Colouring & Upstyling. Participants must be able to do basic cutting (one length & layer). Confidence Building includes Demonstrations & Theory in the mornings and Practical Hands on Experience in a realistic salon environment in the afternoons.This is a one off course – don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

 Confidence Building

Dates:              22nd April – 2nd May 2014

Duration:         2 Weeks (Tuesday – Friday)

Cost:                €400.00

Certificate:      College of Hairdressing, Connaught

Course Content

  • Blow drying Techniques
  • Colour Theory
  • Review of Basic Cutting
  • Foundation Upstyling & GHD Curls


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Senior Trades Certificate in Hairdressing

The Senior Trades Certificate is a recognized qualification awarded by the Department of Education and Science. After completion of this exam, you will receive your Senior Trades Certificate.The Senior Trades Certificate is mandatory if you wish to pursue a career in teaching hairdressing in the public sector.

The Senior Trades hairdressing course is perfect for those who have completed the Junior Trades Exam, FETAC Level 5 and/or City & Guilds and who would like to complete the Senior Trades Exam in a short period of time. We offer lots of Practical Experience in our Fully Functional Hairdressing Salon.

This is a 7-month Full-time Course starting on the 6th October 2014. Fee: €2,900 + Admin Fee.

Additonal Courses included:

Classic Cutting, Foundation Highlighting & Upstyling.


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Formal Occasions

Planning, Maintaining & Taking Down an Up Style

So you have a big event coming up, and you’ve spent weeks looking for a perfect outfit, we’ve all been there. The stress, the tantrums, the tears in the dressing room… it can be a nightmare. So once you’ve finally found the outfit (yes), the most amazing pair of shoes (double yes) and accessories (wow, go you). So now you’re looking in the mirror, trying to think of that perfect hairstyle and you’re completely baffled. Do not fear ladies, we have some simple tips to help you along the way:

Planning -When you’re undecided on your hairstyle, the best thing to do is look around the house for magazines and flick through them, make sure to mark each hairstyle you love. You could also ask friends and browse websites for the perfect do. However, do be realistic while doing this. If, for example, you’ve naturally straight hair that never really holds a curl, then GHD curls are never a good idea.  If you have curly hair and want to straighten it, just think logically. You may leave the house looking sleek and shiny but with the moisture in the air, and god forbid it rains, all hell could break loose. If you have thick, abundant hair it is a good idea to style it in a half-up do since it would be more likely to hold for the night.

Maintaining – Generally speaking, up-styles are designed for single occasion wear (such as a wedding). So when an up-style is needed to last for a period longer than a single evening, things such as sleeping on the style need to be taken into consideration during the planning and creation. A great way of making the hairstyle stable is to use braiding and other structural elements– such as foam tools for wrapping the hair and creating twists and buns. If your hair is fine, then finishing it off with setting lotion would give more fullness in the completed look. A pro-tip is to wrap the hair in a silk-scarf before bed to protect the hair from falling and becoming messy. This will only work if you try to sleep in a position that ensures minimal tossing and turning.

Taking Down – To ensure your hair will not be damaged when removing the styling pins, ask the hairdresser to show you where they have been inserted and how they have been placed in the hair. Ask whether they’ve been independently-placed, or anchored to one another. Ask the stylist to show you what areas are backcombed and use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner on the hair to help ease the removal of backcombing. Use a wide-tooth comb in order to take down or comb-out an up-style properly. Once the initial styling has been taken down and the hair is loose, use a brush to smooth the hair and to remove any tangles.

For information on our Advanced Upstyling Courses at the College of Hairdressing Connaught – call 091-846839

To make an appointment for an Upstyle at the College of Hairdressing, Connaught – call 091-563932

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Employment Rights for Hairdressers in Ireland

Employment Rights for Hairdressers in Ireland

Follow the link below to find out your employment rights:

(Please note these are employment rights for the Dublin and Cork areas. They should be used as a guideline only.)

For another other information you can phone: 1890 80 80 90


RECORDS THAT MUST BE KEPT ON EACH EMPLOYEE (as per NERA) 2008 TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT The terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994 provides that an employer must issue their employees with a written statement of terms and conditions relating to their employment within two months of commencing employment. It must include the following: The full names of the employer and the employee. The address of the employer, The place of work, or where theire is no main place of work, a statement including that an employee is required or permitted to work at various places.  Job title or nature of the work.  Date of commencement of employmnet.  If the contrac tis temporary, the expected duration of employmentIf the contract is for a fixed-term, the date on which the contract expires.  The rate of pay or method of calculating pay.  Whether pay is weekly, monthly or otherwise Terms or conditions relating to hours of work, inlcuding overtime.  Terms or conditions relating to paid leave (other than paid sick leave).  Terms or conditions relating to incapacity for work due to sickenss or injury Therms or conditions relating to pensions and pension schemes Periods of notice or method of determining periods of notice A reference to any collective agreements which affects the terms of employment.  For further information on RECORDS TO BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR INSPECTION contact the IHF office on 056-8833808

NERA INSPECTION SERVICES NERA Inspection Services are responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with certain employment conditions for all categories of workers. Inspections can be initiated in a number of ways: In response to complaints received of alleged non-compliance with relevant employment rights legislation. As part of NERA compliance campaigns which focus on compliance in a specific sector or compliance in respect of a specific piece of legislation. •Routine inspections, which act as a control measure. NERA Inspectors have the power to: Enter at all reasonable times any premises where there are reasonable grounds for believing that any workers are employed. Require the production of records to demonstrate compliance with employment legislation. Inspect, examine and copy such records. •Interview any person. Where evidence of non-compliance with the relevant employment rights legislation is found, NERA works with the employer to achieve compliance. If there are underpayments of statutory minimum rates of pay NERA seeks redress for the individual/s concerned. Where breaches are not rectified, or where there are substantial breaches of employment rights legislation, NERA may initiate a prosecution.

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Choosing a hairdressing course

Choosing a hairdressing course

When a student decides they want a career in hairdressing it can be difficult to choose what course will be most beneficial. Some colleges do not have qualifications that are recognized within the industry. At the College of Hairdressing, Connaught,  students complete the Level 2 City & Guilds 3014 & FETAC Level 5 over a 12 month period. This course’s standard is set by City & Guilds and external assessors confirm the international standards are being met prior to the Certificate being awarded. Based at Forster St. Galway, beside Eyre Square, students improve their skills by working in the college’s dedicated training salon which has built up an extensive clientele over the years.

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Team building for Hairdressers

Just because people work together as a group, it doesn’t automatically mean they are a team. Business coach Peter Lunn looks at how to build and manage an invigorated team.


What Is A Team?

A number of people with shared objectives, who co-operate to achieve them in a way that allows each individual to make a distinctive contribution.

Where Do You Begin?

With you. Teams require leaders, but being the boss does not automatically qualify you to assume the title. If you are serious about creating an energised team, ask yourself how energised you are.

Lead from the front and by example. Inspiration is all around you, but if you don’t seek it you won’t find it. If you’re not looking for it, why not?

It’s Never Too Late To Change

What needs to change? Possibly the way you think, because you need a positive outlook to make a positive difference to yourself, your colleagues and your clients.

Many employers perceive themselves as right, and anyone who thinks differently as wrong. Question your own actions and invite your colleagues to appraise your behaviour and performance. Constructive feedback will help you to move in a profitable direction.

Poor managers often blame their colleagues for bad performance and think ‘if only I could get the right people’. It’s a myth to believe you will find the perfect person, but all employees have the potential to be excellent with the right support and encouragement.

What’s The Next Step?

Invest. This is the stumbling block for many employers but it’s not just about money. You must also invest quality time, knowledge and skill.

You might spend 40 hours a week with someone and still not know them. You might allocate time for a review, but if you are less than confident or lack understanding of purpose it could be stressful for you and demotivating for your employee.

If this is you, then you must learn how to connect and engage to make this scenario a meaningful experience.

Managing With Impact

A recent survey revealed that approximately 25% of employees leave their jobs because they do not receive constructive feedback on their performance from management.

It makes sense to learn how to present feedback and coach people to deliver improved performance.

Being The Best

In my experience, there are many fantastic teams out there. Large or small, the investment is completely relative and results will be proportionate to your investment.

The Key Points

  • Your team members need to understand your business goal which must be:
    • clearly defined
    • achievable
  • You need to appreciate and accomodate each individual’s goals, strengths and weaknesses and accommodate
  • Give your team appreciation and recognition for their contribution
  • Don’t be afraid to reprimand when required
  • Look inside yourself and your people and discover the energised team just waiting to be released.

Peter Lunn is a motivational speaker who has worked in the hairdressing industry for more than 20 years. You can see Peter at Salon Business Extra, at Salon International.

College of Hairdressing College (west of Ireland) Courses available at

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